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New study from RESTRUCTURE demonstrates how the eating rate of a dish can be predicted from that of its components

Ever wondered why it takes longer to eat some meals instead of others? For years researchers have known that eating faster promotes increased energy intake, but can we change people’s eating behaviours using the sensory properties of the foods Read more

Interrelations between food form, texture, and matrix influence energy intake and metabolic responses

Nutrition often focuses on food composition, yet differences in food form, texture, and matrix influence energy intake and metabolism. This review outlines how these food attributes impact oral processing, energy intake, and metabolism.

Details of the study

This review Read more

Texture-based differences in eating rate influence energy intake for minimally-processed and ultra-processed meals

The study suggests that differences in food texture and energy density lead to observed differences in energy intake between minimally-processed and ultra-processed meals. To reach this conclusion, researchers examined the independent and combined effects of food texture and degree Read more