Research News

Ciarán Forde (project leader)

Wageningen University

Prof. Ciarán Forde is chair of Sensory Science and Eating Behaviour in the division of Human Nutrition and Health of Wageningen University and Research. He has over 20 years’ experience in the public, private and academic sectors, Read more

Markus Stieger

Wageningen University

Markus Stieger is professor for Food Oral Processing at Wageningen University in the divisions of Human Nutrition & Health and the Food Quality and Design. His research interests are to understand how food oral processing transforms food Read more

Marlou Lasschuijt

Wageningen University

Marlou Lasschuijt is an assistant professor in the Sensory Science and Eating Behaviour group at Wageningen University. Marlou received her BSc in Clinical Dietetics from Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and her MSc in Nutrition Physiology and Read more

Kees de Graaf

Wageningen University

Kees de Graaf is emeritus professor of Sensory Science and Eating Behavior at the division of Humane Nutrition and Health of Wageningen University. With RESTRUCTURE he has a strong motivation to provide excellent and conclusive experimental data Read more

Annet Roodenburg

HAS University

Annet JC Roodenburg (PhD Nutrition) is an associate professor of Nutrition and Health at HAS University of Applied Sciences. She worked for the last 20 years on the scientific approach towards healthier foods and responsible communication in Read more

Sylvie Huybers

HAS University

Sylvie has a background in biomedical health sciences. During her PhD training she focussed on intestinal calcium absorption. In following research projects, she gained expertise in food digestion and absorption and the effect of nutrition on (gut)health. Read more

Nina McGrath


Nina is the Area Lead for content production at EUFIC. She has a MSc in chemistry and a PhD in polymer and materials science from the University of Bristol, UK. Before EUFIC, Nina worked as Science Counsellor at Read more

Alwine kardinaal


Alwine Kardinaal is the Theme Director for Healthy Nutrition at TiFN. Alwine is a nutrition scientist with a long history of running multidisciplinary projects set up to understand and demonstrate the health benefits of food ingredients. In RESTRUCTURE, Read more

Lise Heuven

Wageningen University

Lise Heuven is a PhD candidate at Wageningen University & Research (WUR). Lise has a MSc in Food Technology and Nutrition & Health and is very passionate to combine these research areas. She is highly motivated to Read more

Marieke van Bruinessen

Wageningen University

Marieke van Bruinessen is a PhD candidate at Wageningen University & Research (WUR). Marieke has a BSc and MSc in Nutrition and Health. During her Masters she followed the Sensory Science track. She is interested in understanding Read more