A fully independent high-level Steering Committee of international experts constitutes the main governing body of the project. RESTRUCTURE is also supported by an Advisory Committee composed by representatives of each partner. The project’s main research activities and research design are independently developed by the research team who can only receive input and scientific support from these two bodies in the modalities outlined below.

Steering Committee

The project group reports to an independent high-level steering committee composed of international experts on the regulation of energy intake, public health nutrition, food processing and communication about food technology innovations. 

  • Prof. Remco Havermans, University of Maastricht; chair. Area of expertise: psychology (flavour perception & eating behaviour)
  • Prof. Barbara Rolls, Penn Sate University. Area of expertise: ingestive behavior (satiety & eating behaviour, regulation of energy intake)
  • Dr. David J Mela,  advisor and consultant. Area of expertise: nutrition science and research

The Steering Committee takes the most important decisions on the focus of the whole project. The Theme Director Healthy Nutrition of TIFN is the secretary to the Steering Committee.

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee is composed of representatives of each party and can provide non-binding advice to the project leaders through the independent Steering Committee. This is not via direct contact but managed through TiFN. The Steering Committee is at full liberty to decide whether or not to use this advice.