RESTRUCTURE partners presented at 15th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium in Nantes, France

The 15th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium was held in Nantes, France between 20-24th August and was attended by over 1200 academics and industry researchers. The Sensory Science and Eating Behaviour (SSEB) Chair group was well represented with 14 members of the extended team present to contribute to the posters, talks, workshops and plenary sessions.

The SSEB team coordinated a very well-attended workshop session on “The Impact of Front of Pack Nutrition Labelling on Food Choice and Perception” with contributions from Gerry Jager and Ciarán Forde. Researchers and PhD students from SSEB group contributed to the conference program with five orals and five posters with presentations from Carina Müller, Cong Lyu, Eva Cad, Xinmeng Yang, Yifan Zhang, Guido Camps and Karina Gonzalez-Estanol. On the final day Prof. Ciarán Forde gave an invited keynote lecture entitled “Better Living through Sensory” highlighting the importance of Sensory Cues in moderating eating behaviours and food intake. Emeritus Prof. Kees de Graaf received the lifetime achievement award from Food Quality and Preference for his contribution to the field of Sensory-Nutrition. The SSEB team now looks forward to the 16th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium in Philadelphia, USA, in August 2025.