Marieke from RESTRUCTURE receives 1st price for best oral presentation at FENS

Marieke van Bruinessen, the PhD candidate from Wageningen University & Research (WUR) working on the RESTRUCTURE trial presented won an award for Best Oral Presentation at FENS 2023!

Marieke presented data from the Prestructure study on testing the sustained effect of food texture on eating rate and food intake.

Other RESTRUCTURE team members, from the Sensory Science and Eating Behavior group, participated in the conference. Prof. dr. Ciarán Forde presented his work on how different textures of processed foods influence oral processing, energy intake and metabolism in a symposium dedicated to new perspectives on processed foods. Emeritus Prof. Kees de Graaf talked about Umami and satiety in the industry symposium: “Umami: Taste for Health”. Dr. Marlou Lasschuijt gave a presentation on opportunities for food reformulation: food texture and energy density affect dietary behavior.

The 14th European Nutrition Conference (ENC) FENS 2023 was held in Belgrade and was attended by over 1500 academics and industry researchers.

The theme of the conference was “Food, Nutrition and Health: Translating science into practice” and the conference programme consisted of many interesting plenary sessions and symposia on topics related to nutrition, metabolism and chronic diseases, personalized nutrition, food science, behavioral aspects of nutrition and many more. Besides the scientific programme, there were many opportunities to meet fellow nutrition scientists from across Europe during networking sessions and the conference dinner in the White Palace.