RESTRUCTURE Project Team Invited to Participate in USDA workshop on ‘Developing a Research Roadmap of Processed Food’

PhD student Lise Heuven and Prof. Ciaran Forde were invited to participate in the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) workshop ‘Developing a Roadmap of Processed Food’ last week in Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA. The WUR team was invited to present a summary of the forthcoming randomised controlled feeding trial (RCT) ‘RESTRUCTURE’ which seeks to explore the impact of food texture and eating rate on energy intake from ultra-processed diets. They participated in discussions on research priorities with invited researchers from academia (Purdue, UC-Davis, Penn State, NYU, University Sao Paolo, Tufts University, Newcastle University, University of Arkansas), US government (NIH, USDA) and representatives from the food industry (ADM, General Mills). A summary of the discussions from the workshop will be published later this year and will coincide with the launch of data collection for the RESTRUCTURE RCT.